Five Videos on a Fall Greenhouse for 
Cool Weather Vegetables in Maryland Zone 7 

Greens from the Fall Greenhouse – The Rusted Garden 2013

I completed a 5 part video series on a fall greenhouse in Maryland Zone 7. It covers the periods of mid September through late November. They should give you some good ideas to use in your greenhouse. This first video will show you some tips and tricks to secure your greenhouse plastic and frame. It will also show you two ways to create radiating heat sources for additional warmth at night. Each new video will cover topics like disease and pest management, planting cool weather crops, heating elements and more. 


This is the 2nd of a 5 part video series on managing a vegetable garden greenhouse in the fall. This video is about the organic management of diseases and insects. I show you how to use Bt, iron phosphate, baking soda and soapy water to manage problems in the greenhouse.

This is 3 of 5 videos on a fall/winter greenhouse in Maryland Zone 7. The 5 videos will generally cover all aspects of growing cool weather crops in the green house. This is one planting strategy for a fall greenhouse that does not have a heat source.

This in video 4 of 5 on fall greenhouses in Maryland Zone 7. Leafy greens are mostly water and leaf. You want to use a water soluble organic fertilizer that primarily adds nitrogen. I am feeding my greens every 2 week with an 8-0-0 organic nitrogen fertilizer made from fermented beet molasses. The video highlights the fertilizer mix I use, a method for watering and the greenhouse failure to stop frost at 30 degrees.

This is the last of a 5 video series on a fall/winter greenhouse in Maryland Zone 7. It has been just about 9 weeks since the greenhouse went up and I am getting my first production to plate today. This video shows you some planting methods for cool weather crops, the overall production into late November (Zone 7) and my first harvest. I highly recommend a greenhouse. I will be do a conclusion and review video on the whole experience in a couple of months.

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