The steel man in the United Statesbei District laughed to the end

The two strong Cincinnati Tigers and Pittsburgh, the Sinnati Tiger and Pittsburgh, and the Tigers need to win, and the steel man needs this victory to continue to strive to compete for the first part. The status of the battle.

The competition was initiated by the steel man first. Their offensive mainly relying on quartz-Rosrisberg (Ben Roethlisberger, running Weidian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) and External Carronts, Antonio Brown. But the first wave of attack is blocked at the 37 yard of this party, the steel man has to choose to abandon the kick. The first wave of the tiger is unfavorable, and it will not be able to advance until the steel person is half-footed. It is a good attacker that they have abandoned, which gives the steel man a very good offensive position. But the steel man did not grasp the opportunity, the three-speed attack only advanced 1 yard. The next attack is also similar to the steel man’s fate. The three-speed attack does not give up the kick. After the next attack, the first quarter of the first quartz of the first quarter was taken in 0-0. But the steel man launched the end of the end of the first section finally broke the deadlock, in this wave of attack Daxin first passed the ball 11 yard to the near-end Path-Spas (Matt spaeth), after the Belt scorpion push 4 yards, Datun, two consecutive passes, I found out the way, Markus – Witton (Markus Wheaton) and Lance Moore advanced 45 yards, entered the Mamark Red District. After the Bell 2 shock, he took the ball and advanced 7 yards to the Tiger 1 code line. The ball finds the old partner near the head Hes-Miller to complete the reachable. Steel man 7-0 lead. After the steel man got up to the tiger, the tiger is quickly in color, quadrupled Wei Di – Dalton ( Andy Dalton) Two balls of AJ Green Aj Green Aj Green help the team forward 65 yards, eventually completed 10 yards from the near-end Termaine Gresham. Array. The tiger chasing the score. Subsequently, the steel man is still not working again, and the tiger does not waste this opportunity, although the pass of the Turkutton’s pass by the steel man, but the foul of the opponent makes this only ambiguous. This wave attack First, Jeremy Hill completed 15 yards, and then became Dalton’s performance stage. He completed the 42 yards with 4 different ball hands and finally completed 20 Code Trump Deta. The Tiger 14-7 leads. Then the steel man launched the last half of the first attack. First, Bell’s scorpion got 9 yards, then Dashimata continued 4 times successfully advanced 48 yards, Bell’s 5 The code scorpion helped the steel man to kill the Mamark Red District, and then the big 14 yard passed the ball to find external hand Brown. Unfortunately, the steel man did not send the ball into the end zone, only 3 points in the game. Half The end of the game is leading the tiger 14-10.


The first wave of attacks in the second half did not achieve the result. After retransmitting the right, in addition to the 12 yards of Martavis Bryant, the steel man’s palette is completely guided by the three-drive horses. Big Ben has a total of 56 yards with Brown, although Bell’s scorpion is only 3 yards, but he got a ball in this wave of attack, cheap nhl jerseys free shipping including 10 yards. Steel people 17-14 anti-ratios. Then the offensive of both parties is to discard kicking. In the last one of the third quarter, the 19-yard of this section faces the second gear 7 yards, Daltton has been found to find external hand, the latter completed the 81 code, a hit helping the tiger 21-17 Retreat again. But unfortunately, this is the final wonderful performance of the game, and then the entire section IV is the stage of steel people. The first attack in the fourth quarter, Bell completed 1 time 53 yards, but the steel man only advanced 1 yard again on the ground, and they chose to kick the ball to narrow up the point difference. Subsequently, the tiger made a big mistake, Dalton took the middle of the winning championship, and the steel man rushed back to the tiger 24 yard. Soon, I will rely on the three-driving carriage to advance to the Tiger Red District, and then the Bell 13 code holds reaches the ball, and it is doubled to get 2 points by passing to the close. Steel people 28-21, cheap football jerseys free shipping get one leading advantage. After the tiger, the attack did not advance in the half, but their abandoning kicks forced steel to start the next wave of attack from this 6 yard. However, this time, Bryant became a focus person, he received a large number of long biography to complete 94 yards. Almost half of the year, the steel man has become a leading two reacons from the backwardness. In the face of such gaps, the offensive group is still unable to wake, and worse is the four-point Wei Dolton injured, and have to be taken over the offensive group from the Jason Campbell, and the steel person offensive The team is more and more brave. Then, the subsequent offense still rely on the three-drive carriage to advance 28 yards, and completed the 22-chi-fired ball from Bell. The steel man pulls the score to 42-21, and the game has lost the suspense. In this case, Campbell has no longer led the tiger score, and even when the game is near the end, it will be killed, and the steel man relies on the shock time, and finally ended the game.

This game, the three-point guard, Davalton, 29 passes, twice, completed 302 yards, 2 times, but the pavement with the steel man compared to their mushroom performance is very far, the most popular Er also only 8 times a shock to get 46 yards. External pickup A.j. Green still proves that he is the top hand of the league, and the 214 yards of the new height of the career will be achieved. And the steel man, the four points of Slosrisberg, 39 passes, 25 times successfully achieved 350 yards 3 times, the external hand is 117 yards, get 94 yards to catch up with the external hand Brian Special 4 times, get 109 yards, running Webell is the biggest star in this game. He has a 26-time mushpique to get a 185 yard 2 times, and the ball gets 50 yards and 1 time. He has already played three times. After the line is advanced, the number of codes exceeds 200 yards, the only one who does this is the former Chicago Bear Legend Runwande – Walter Payton. After this game, the leading advantage in the United States of America was only half.