Organic Fish Emulsion and Bone Meal for Your Vegetable Garden: 
Slow Release & Fast Acting Fertilizers
Fish Emulsion and Bone Meal are organic fertilizers for gardens. They each have a specific use and it is important to understand when to use them. All fertilizers, synthetic or organic, can be slow release, fast acting, water soluble, water insoluble and they have different amounts of the main macro-nutrients; Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. These nutrients are rated as NPK on fertilizers. Fertilizers can also have micro-nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and other things. All geared for specific use in your gardens.
Fish emulsion is used to add nitrogen to your garden soils.  Nitrogen keeps your plant leaves green and growing. It is water soluble and fast acting. It comes in a liquid form and is mixed in a gallon of water. You use this product about every 2-3 weeks in your garden. It is a great product for feeding container vegetables. This video details the aspects of fish emulsion and explains how to use it in your garden.
Bone meal is derived from animal bones. The bones are steamed and crushed. Bone meal is used primarily for raising the phosphorous levels of your garden soils. Phosphorous helps plant root systems develop. It is a slow release fertilizer and should only be used about once a growing season. It is best used at the time of planting and it will slowly release phosphorous into the ground for the vegetable plants to use. It is not soluble in water and it is sprinkled into the soil. It may also have some percentage of nitrogen in it based on what type of animal bones are used.  It does not have potassium. It is also a good source of calcium which can help plants like tomatoes manage blossom end-rot. The video details the use of bone meal in your garden.
These organic fertilizers add different nutrients to soils. They are used in different ways as one is fast acting and water soluble and the other is insoluble in water and it slowly releases nutrients over a growing season. Every product, synthetic and organic, has a use. It is important to understand how and when to use any garden product. It is also important to understand the risks and benefits.
Good Luck in Your Garden!