Auckland raids cut off the old man Wiwen – Smith

When the Auckland raid continued to adjust the lineup, they cut off a big name.

According to informed sources, the raids cut off the corner of Wi-En-Smith (SEAN Smith).

The assurance of the raid to cut the Smith is a large extent because of his annual salary. After layoffs, cheap nfl jerseys the raid salary salary space.

Smith will have never played the expected performance in the 31st year old this year, and 2 years ago he signed a 4 million US dollar with the raid, including a contract of 20 million US dollars to guarantee income. But he has been derogated several times in the past two seasons.

Smith was also accused of hurting people due to suspection of the head of others last July.

After cutting SMG, cheap nfl jerseys online the raid person will rely on the first round of the first round of Xiu Ruiion-Conley (Gareon Conley) to lead the team’s corner guard, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and wholesale jerseys for sale they also have DEXTER MCDONALD. Antonio Hamilton and Darius Hillary. The second-line defense is still one of the things that the raid needs need to do during the offset season.