Bucs offensive coordinator job temporarily absent due to illness

Jeff – Ted Crawford (Jeff Tedford) probably will be interrupted in the era of pirates. Media Insider Ian – Arabia Potter (Ian Rapoport) reported that, due to the offensive coordinator Ted Crawford physical condition did not improve, he is temporarily leaving the job. Since his heart surgery early in the season has been absent for some time, in the first three games only involved in the tactical part of the arrangement, there is no tactical propaganda. Before the season he underwent coronary angioplasty, the artery close to the heart of placing the two stents. The team wanted him to have enough rest to ensure recovery, but he quickly tried to return to the team.

Arab Potter reports, this time quarterbacks coach Marcus – Arrow (Marcus Arroyo) to participate in more offensive arrangement, even arranged propaganda tactics in the game directly to the quarterback headset, which is likely by the he temporarily served as offensive coordinator.

Ted Crawford with a more aggressive and innovative spirit, has coached several of the University of California and later entered the NFL quarterback. However, the Ship Even Sank die first, face their third straight start, what he brings to the team is still unknown. On Thursday night race away to the Atlanta Falcons, like the offensive front and weakness of the offensive quarterback in a sieve problem all exposed. Coach Ravi – Smith (Lovie Smith) pledged its levels in Ford announced the appointment of Ted had served as offensive coordinator, but at least now the critics still do not have enough information to assess Ravi could question the original.